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Abbeyfield Houses  
Society of Ottawa  

425 Parkdale Avenue  
Ottawa, ON  
K1Y 1H3  

Phone: 613-729-4817  


A unique alternative for retirement living.


Resident "I really enjoyed living at Abbeyfield House, Parkdale for over nine years—the food is excellent and the suites spacious and comfortable. I could come and go as I pleased: I enjoyed walking around the area especially the Parkdale Market and the neighbourhood gardens.  I can thoroughly recommend the Abbeyfield lifestyle."

Phyllis Cummings


I love it here: a family of ten congenial residents in a Victorian house with character.  I’ve recovered my health and strength in part from the respect and consideration shown to me by staff and volunteers.  We direct our own lives but cooperate as a family—and the price is right!  Living here is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Esther Hermosa


Abbeyfield is a true home: the perfect combination of independence and companionship. Mealtimes are particularly special—the meals are fresh, delicious, and nutritious and a sense of camaraderie.  I love it here.

Sarah Shepard


I feel very fortunate to be living at Abbeyfield.   As a legally-blind person, I appreciate the helpful staff and the new security system.  The house is located within walking distance of most essential service—and a bus every fifteen minutes!

Pat Slight


Abbeyfield offers seniors lifestyle advantages not to be found anywhere else in the city including a family-style accommodation, freedom to come and go as I please, and a location in one of Ottawa’s most vibrant urban villages.  Abbeyfield is one of Ottawa’s best-kept secrets.

A resident